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  • About us

    Ultra crafts new futures through driven strategy and management, precise design, & expert engineering.

    • Greg Elliott is the founder of Ultra, and the former VP of Product at - a company that provides digital mental health services to the employees of companies like Pinterest and Yelp.

      We've spent the past 20 years creating amazing products, working with giants like Google, IBM, Dell, and The BBC to counter culture innovators like & Behance. We build products, strategize, advise, and guide companies in creating the right product for their needs.

      Greg holds a SM from the MIT Media Lab, a MS from ACE (Arts Computation Engineering interdisciplinary program) in the Informatics & Computer Science department at UC Irvine, and a BS in Cognitive Science and Computation from UC San Diego. His masters at MIT was a project called Konbit, a service created and deployed in response to the disastrous earthquake in Haiti. Konbit empowered illiterate locals to create a searchable resumé from a 5 minute automated phone call, allowing NGOs to employ local workers and support the Haitian economy.

  • 2018 - Now


    Product / UX Advisor

    Experience design for Galaxy S11

    Concepting, strategy guidance, long-term vision, user experience lead to reinvigorate core functionality of Samsung's next gen mobile OS.

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  • 2019 - Now


    Product / UX Advisor

    Experience design

    Concepting, strategy guidance, long-term vision, user experience design on confidential products.

  • 2015 - 2019

    Head of Product

    Full-service mental health for the world's best companies

    Product vision, strategy, roadmap, product design and invention, product management, OKRs/KPIs, UX / graphic design. Grew product from 0 to hundreds of thousands of covered lives for clients like Pinterest and Yelp. Responsible for 3 distinct products both internally and externally facing.

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  • 2015 - 2016


    iOS Consultant

    iOS software engineering consultant for Vanadium project, which enables building secure, distributed applications.

  • 2011 - 2015

    Empirical Interfaces

    Co-founder & President

    Raised $1MM from Floodgate, Greylock, Ben Ling, and Scott Belsky to create novel social apps incorporating AI. Built and launched apps similar in predicate to Google Inbox's organization of personal email and Facebook Messenger intelligent plans and auto-complete.

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  • Various between 2000 - 2008

    Poke NY · Steelcase · UCSD Pediatrics · More

    Sr UX · Product Management · Software Engineer

    Held various positions as lead User Experience designer, product manager, and software engineer at multiple companies. Poke NY was the digital arm of the famous advertising agency Mother London, where I lead their User Experience team. Steelcase hired me to build an ethnographic tool for their internal designers and researchers, and I ran the web and internal tool products for UCSD Pediatrics.

  • 1999 - Present

    Ultra LLC


    Boutique iOS and web shop for Behance, IBM, Dell, BBC, MIT Mobile Experience Group, Thunderdog Studios, and more. Created SynchStep, which had 500,000 downloads its first week.

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  • MIT Media Lab

    SM Media Arts & Sciences

    Built Konbit, a free service in response to the earthquake in Haiti to help Haitians find jobs as part of the country’s reconstruction. The automated service sought to boost the Haitian economy by helping non-governmental organizations, such as Partners In Health, find local workers instead of outsourcing labor. More than 50% of the country was illiterate with no access to digital resources, so Konbit allowed unemployed Haitians to call a toll-free number to record their skills and life experiences. Messages were transcribed into an online database that NGOs can search, where original audio clips were provided for additional emotional insight.

  • Univ. of California, Irvine

    MS Computer Science & Informatics

    Graduated from the Arts Computation and Engineering Interdisciplinary Program, where I focused on novel user interfaces that challenged the assumption that displays are necessary for functional interfaces. Back before iPhones, I designed, built, and showcased PersonalSoundtrack, a tiny device that detected your walking or running pace and then played music that matched your pace from MP3s stored on a flash card. I based it on the Gumstix platform and wrote a step-detection algorithm in assembly deployed in a PIC chip. I used Python on the Gumstix for general controller stuff like playing audio and choosing songs.

  • Univ. of California, San Diego

    BS Cognitive Science with Specialization in Computation

    Honors thesis focused on understanding and addressing how people drop and pick up work state after unexpected interruptions, building software to help all parties remember the context and mental scaffolding they left off.

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